A Two Month Vacation

A two month vacation!!! Sounds nice, right!?? Well, that is pretty much what it has felt like ever since the wedding! (I know, I have a very rough life)

After Jeff and I got back from our honeymoon, and spent a couple of days in Houston, we flew back to our temporary home in Michigan for the rest of summer.

I say temporary home because with only 2 months left of the summer, we decided it would be the most logical thing to live at his parent’s house in the basement until we moved up to Canada. It was pretty much impossible to find something to rent for that amount of time, and just kind of stupid if you ask me. Some people might have thought, “What? You are newlyweds, and you are moving back into his parent’s house right after the wedding!?”

You got it! And it has been great! I am very blessed that I married a man who’s family I adore and get along with so well. They have done nothing but try to make it as comfortable for me us possible! No complaints from me 🙂

For Jeff, we were coming back to his home…no real change for him. Just continuing the routine of his summer training like how it was prior to the wedding, except a now it’s a little more intense and he has a wife to come home to that makes him eggs and toast everyday!

For me, it was more like the start of an extended vacation!!!

Here are a few highlights of my 2 month “vacation”:

  • Making trips up to East Lansing to visit our friends and coaching field hockey camp
  • Cheering on the Detroit Tigers
  • Going out to the west side of the mitten for the Coast Guard festivities
  • The”I do BBQ” Jeff’s parents threw for us!

  • The Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney concert at Ford Field!!

Of course this extended vacation has been filled with lots of average things too… like writing a bazillion thank you notes, cooking delicious dinners, changing all of my government documents to my new name, playing a little tennis and golf here and there, and trying to maintain some sort of workout routine (even though the motivation has gone way down since the wedding and I don’t have my #1 workout buddy with me, my mama!).

It’s hard to believe this “trip” is almost over. In just over a week, I will be returning back to Texas to get ready for the trek up to Edmonton! Yep, Dougie Fresh and I will be driving my car all the way up to the frozen tundra…should be quite the journey!

Until then I’ll be packing up all my stuff (again), and trying to enjoy as much of this beautiful Michigan summer as possible! And for the grand finale, Jeff and I plan on going back to MSU on Friday to cheer on our Spartans in both field hockey and football…a double header for us! Then hopefully lots of boat time for the rest of the holiday weekend!

I leave y’all with a Michigan sunrise and sunset!


11 thoughts on “A Two Month Vacation

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this!! Keep up the posts- fun to follow! Btw- I miss my workout buddy too!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s from me- your mama!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is great Julie! I’ll definitely be checking in to see what new adventures you’ve tackled! Good luck with the big move…and GO GREEN 🙂

  4. gary snellenberger says:

    Great reading your blog Julie, i hope your family is doing well. Congratulations to you and Jeff. I’ll be at the field hockey game. Stop by and say hey.

  5. Elissa Unger says:

    Love your new blog Julie! Tentatively I’ll be up at State for the hockey and football game on Friday too! Hope to see you there 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good luck on your adventure from Texas to Edmonton. Keep me posted on your long journey. Let me know if and when Jeff has a game against Philadelphia Flyers. We would love to go watch him play. And if you come we can see you too ! Safe travels!

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