Texas on my Mind…

Alarm is set for 8:30 am, but I wake up at 6:15am….what’s up with that!?

I will tribute this to the fact I am heading back to Texas tomorrow for the first time since the wedding! Or, maybe it was because I woke up with a growling tummy and couldn’t stop thinking about breakfast. Either way, I always tend to get really antsy before I go on a trip, and sleep is the one thing that seems least important!

Yesterday, I started to get a real taste of this gypsy lifestyle we are really about to begin. You see, I am going to Texas tomorrow for week before making the drive up to Edmonton, and Jeff is flying straight to Edmonton on Thursday. The trick of the whole move is getting all of our “sheesh” there! Talk about a massive jigsaw puzzle.

Also, the fact that we have to deal with crossing the border/customs throws in a bit more difficulty. We are thinking about Fed-ex-ing a couple of bags over there…that seems simple right? Well, then there is a duty/tax you have to pay when you get them in Canada, and that is where it gets ya!

So, a phone call is going to be put into the Canadian custom’s department today to see what the deal is. If it is something outrageous, then we will just Fed-ex these bags to Tejas, and I will have to find someway to fit them in the car to bring with me (along with 5 small boxes I already shipped, 2 bags I’m flying home with, all the fall/winter stuff that’s been hanging out in my closet since….well, my last winter in Michigan, and any other miscellaneous items I think we might need up in the great,white North).

Whatever the case, I know it will all get done, and it will all fit somehow!

Until then, I’m just excited to spend time at home with my family, eat at my favorite restaurants, sleep in my bed, see some of my friends, go back to my usual workout classes, and run around the town doing everything else my mama has scheduled for me 🙂 And then I will start thinking about all the packing! I tend to work way better under pressure anyways when it comes to packing. However, I have never attempted packing the night before an 8-9 month adventure…We shall see how that works out!

It will be a bit weird to not see Jeff for about 10 days, since we have spent almost everyday together for the past 2 months, but I’m so excited to go home! I wish he could come with me, but he has some hunting to do up in YEG before I get there and we start the apartment search!

Regardless, I am SO excited minus the part about walking off the plane into a wall of heat. But, guess I should embrace it considering I will be freezing my booty off in just one short week.

I do have to give a shout out to Jamie (a wife of one of Jeff’s teammates), and thank her for all of her helpful packing tips and bits of info I need to know when moving from the States to Canada! Everyone needs “a Jamie” because it makes your jigsaw puzzle that much easier! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Texas on my Mind…

  1. Teresa Yochum says:

    Please have some queso for me from Escalantes!!!! and give everyone at home a hug from me xoxoxox

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