Welcome to Edmonton!

Well, we made it to Edmonton! Dad and I actually got up here last Saturday, but I have had no time to update the blog since then. I promise I will be better.

The 2,400 mile drive really was not that bad, but I will dedicate a whole post to it later for all the exciting details!

I am so happy to be up here in Edmonton, and to be back with my hubby! I cannot wait to get settled in this new city, and experience it to the fullest…at least until the first big snow comes and then I will go into hibernation and watch every TV show and movie I need to catch up on.

There is one little piece of news that was not so welcoming (but we all new it was coming), and that is that the NHL officially declared a lockout as of September 15 at 11:59pm. So, currently Jeff is unemployed and we are just waiting for the season to start. We are being very hopeful that it is going to start sooner, rather than later though! Crossing our fingers and saying our prayers!

So, until the season starts, Jeff will continue to skate and train with his other teammates who are up here, and I will try to figure out this city and where we are going to live in the meantime. Yes, that’s right we still don’t know where we are living yet!

We are currently living with one of Jeff’s teammates and his wife, Ryan and Jamie, until we find an apartment! They were gracious enough to let Jeff live with them last year, and are even more gracious for letting BOTH of us stay at their place for now.  Let me tell you, the housing search thing up here is HARD! So if you know anyone with a fully furnished condo to rent for us American imports, send me the info, please!

Until we get set up in our own place, we will enjoy our stay here at the Jonesy Casa! Another teammate and his wife, Devan and Jenn, are also staying here with all of us until their house is ready, so it is actually just one big party everyday!

Even though there is this whole lockout situation, we could not be anymore blessed to be up here with such great people, and get to be able to enjoy this time with new friends (well new friends for me at least)!

On a different note, one thing (so far) that is different here and is way more expensive is the grocery store! Oh how I miss Kroger! And not to mention, everything is in grams or liters which really throw me for a loop!

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for posts on my week in Houston, the 2,400 mile drive up here, pictures of my new city, and much more that is going on in this crazy life we got goin’ on right now. Currently, I am the epitome of a gypsy…


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Edmonton!

  1. Matt Petry says:

    2400 mile trip, I bet you smell funny!! Tell the blog world that Jeff, even though unemployed, still puts food on the table! Deer hunting was successful!!

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