My Next Adventure

Alright, so it might not be my next adventure, but it’s one I have in the works and plan to begin in the Fall of 2013.

Let me give you a little background info…

Last week I was in Dallas visiting my mom’s family…Jeff conveniently had a game there as well. 🙂

Anywho, on Thursday my aunt, my mom, and I went to try this new restaurant for lunch called Le Jus. I was anxious to try it after my aunt said it would be right up my alley.

This place was like no other place I have been to. It was like a cafe along with a clothing store, Number One, in it too. Very different concept. But I loved it!


Not only did I love the whole feel to the place, but the food was phenomenal. And get this, everything in there was good for you.

The second we sat down, we were greeted by the most knowledgeable, passionate waitress I have ever had. She informed us that everything they served was all organic and followed the Paleo diet. You did not have to worry about anything in the cafe containing grain, cheese, wheat….whatever other kind of  processed crap you can think of (which yes, I do agree tastes good, but is full of chemicals and wreaks havoc on our bodies). I was fired up by this! I have been to healthier/”green” restaurants, but not one where absolutely everything was “safe” to eat. They also served fresh juices…double bonus!

After getting the run down on the whole foundation of Le Jus, the next big thing running through my mind was “let’s see if this actually tastes good!” Because you know everyone thinks that healthy food tastes like bird food. (I am secretly on a quest to show people that healthy can be yummy!)

Let me tell you, this place was UNREAL! We were not let down.

We started with the fresh made guacamole, served with almond flour crackers (not pictured) and apple slices that were soaked in jalapeño juice. Sounds crazy, but it was off the charts delicious.

photo 1

Apple slices and guac, weird right? No, delicious!

Mom and my aunt both got the egg salad salad (not pictured) , and I went with the chicken salad. All three of our plates were licked clean.

photo 3

To top it off, they let us sample 3 of their yummy juices. All of them were SO yummy!

photo 2

Pear Ginger on the left was da

During all of our “oohing and ah-ing” over our delicious and fresh lunch this trendy woman walked by and asked us how everything was, and I basically couldn’t shut up. She then proceeded to tell us she was the chef/creator of all the food at Le Jus.

That was it, I wanted to know all of her secrets and kept rambling of how amazing this place was. The word vomit just kept flowing. (At this point I probably should have shut up, but I didn’t.)

I had never heard of this type of restaurant, and it excited me so much that there are people out there that truly care about the ingredients people put into their bodies enough to create a restaurant that is free of all the crap, and is yet still delicious. All I kept saying was that there needs to be more of these places!!!

After a series of compliments exchanged (she was way too sweet to me!), she asked what I had studied in college…at this point in the convo I had convinced myself I had made a huge mistake in not going with my initial major, Nutrition/Dietetics. I told her the whole schpeel on how I started in Dietetics/ Nutrition, but then graduated with a Communications degree and a minor in Health Promotion.

Thinking her response was going to be something along the lines of, “Ohh, yeah….should have stuck with that.” She said, “Good! I’m glad you didn’t waste your time with that!” My thoughts…”WHAT!? Waste my time?” Now I was confused.

She began to explain how colleges teach the modern American diet, and how it really is so bad for our health. The whole food pyramid crud on 6 or whatever the recommended amount of servings of grains you should have a day is BOGUS. That’s right, bogus. I won’t go into it all now, but the whole processed food infused world we live in is truly a major cause in the health issues people suffer from today. It’s actually scary, but I won’t get too into it now. Bottom line is, there is SO much false information out there, it is time for truth to come out, and for people to start eating real food.

Back to the master food creator of Le Jus, Dana Card. She ended up telling me all about the Nutrition program she went to and got certified in, and told me this is where it’s at. This is the real deal. She said, and I quote, “It’s hard as hell, like as hard as med school! But, it will change your life!” That was it, at that moment I made up my mind and I already had myself mentally signed up to do it.

The program is called Nutritional Therapy Association, and you can read all about it here. It is basically a holistic nutrition program that promotes healing and reverse the effects of our modern American diet.  I left Le Jus with the most invigorating feeling, like I could change the world. (Okay, maybe that was the green drink speaking.) But, I seriously felt so connected to this lady’s passion and left there feeling inspired.

My thoughts are that if I can even just affect the tiniest group of people (maybe just my family and closest friends) with what I learn through this program, I will feel like I have conquered the world! Any little success against this world that is filled with the  excess sugar, grains, etc. is a HUGE success in my book. So, I’m going to do it.

The best part about the whole thing is that it is a distance program! That’s right, a distance program! That means my dilemma is over about not being able to do anything while in Canada in terms of achieving some of my own goals and dreams. This program is a 9 month program all done long distance via conference calls/ online learning along with a few weekends of workshops in a designated city. So doable, especially for our special living situation at this time in our lives.

Needless to say, I am beyond excited for this next adventure! I’m actually kind of bummed that I missed the February deadline, but come September 2013 I will be raring to go! The question after I complete the program will be what to do with this certification, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it. Just gotta start somewhere! So here goes!

And, if you are ever in the Dallas area, I highly recommend Le Jus for a refreshing lunch, and a jump start for you’re inner health nut! You will leave there feeling like a new person.


2 thoughts on “My Next Adventure

  1. shelleymackay says:

    Love it!! You’re so inspiring! Besosxoxo

  2. Liz Spradling says:

    You are delightful…and will succeed in whatever you put your mind to!

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