about me

I’m Julie and this is my blog, Southern Sweet and Salty!

…and that’s my handsome hubby!

Short summary about my life: I was born and raised in Texas. I went to Michigan State University to play field hockey, and got my degree in Communications (with a minor in Health Promotion).

Big Ten Champions 2009

After graduation, I moved back to Texas, got engaged to the love of my life (a guy from MSU), coached part time at my high school, and started planning our wedding for the next summer.

Now, I am a happy newlywed about to start the craziest journey of my life that I’m sure is going to be filled with many adventures.

photo by Katie Lamb Photography

A lot has happened in so little time, so I decided it’s time to start documenting it!

I figured this blog would be a great way to keep track of all of our adventures as newlyweds, and document all the things I have wanted to do (one being -start a blog!).

So, I am starting here…at Southern Sweet and Salty! I’m sure I’ll be all over the map when it comes to what I write about on here…basically anything goes: the wedding planning, world travels, our families,  yummy recipes (healthy ones and indulgent ones), fitness ideas, restaurant reviews, and much more that is bound to come with the gypsy lifestyle my husband and I will be living!

Although Southern Sweet and Salty will touch on the many different interests in my life, it will always have a focus on balancing a healthy lifestyle and fitness!

I hope you like visiting this blog, and share the excitement I have about healthy living and fitness while enjoying all the other little things in life!



4 thoughts on “about me

  1. Teresa Yochum says:

    I’m looking so forward to going on this “adventure” with you my sweet niece….Will be so fun to keep up with everything and get lots of yummy recipes…..Brad will be so happy with that LOL…….Love you guys…

  2. Malonetje says:

    Sweet and Salty! A perfect title! I can’t wait to read the pearls of wisdom you will share! Have fun!

  3. Aunt Suzy says:

    I am so excited to follow you on your adventures in life!! I know they will be crazy and fun – everything in our family is that way. Tomorrow I am going to start training to RUN my first 5K – I have walked plenty of them. I remember a while back you were training to run a marathon and were looking for some music suggestions. If you have any you recommend to me, I would LOVE to have them so I can create a playlist. LOVE YA!!!!

  4. Corey Block says:

    YAY! Jules I am so excited for your blog 🙂 I’ve been waiting for this for awhile hahaa I will definitely be a regular here. Can’t wait to see you again this weekend!

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