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Mom in Montreal

This morning I had to take my mom to the airport so she could go back to Texas. I have to say I was really sad she had to leave! I begged for her to stay longer, but that didn’t happen….

Nevertheless we had a great week together here in Montreal. When your hubby is as busy/traveling as much as mine it is just nice to have company every now and then. And, moms are sometimes just what you need!


You can do as much or as little as you want while they are there, they just want to be with you! Oh, and if you have a mom as awesome as mine they will even clean and do your laundry! You see some moms come to visit their kids or family and cook homemade meals…not Shell Bell. She doesn’t cook! She does great take-out, but cooking…not her forte. Shell Bell cleans!!! She volunteers to wash the sheets on your bed, she checks the laundry hamper and washes any clothes that needs to be done (whereas I leave it ’til the bin is overflowing), she even washes the dishes by hand…. it’s the best!

And, what is better than a bed made by mom….fresh sheets put back on your bed by the best bed-maker there is. It’s guaranteed to be one of the best night’s sleeps. Am I right? I don’t care how many times I can make a bed….it is NEVER as good as when Mom does it.

Ahh…the little things!

Ok, but seriously she didn’t just clean the entire time she was here. We actually experienced a lot of what Montreal has got to offer!

She got to feel the excitement of the Bell Centre at her first Montreal Canadiens game! We actually decided she is Jeffrey’s little good luck charm because he ended up scoring goals in both games she got to see. (That was another one of my tactics to try and get her to stay longer….so Jeff would keep scoring goals!)


Tuesday we went for a freezing walk around Old Montreal. The architecture around this city is truly amazing. We then went to lunch at one of Jeff and my favorite spots: Olive and Gourmando. YUM!


Some shopping took place Tuesday and Wednesday!

Thursday we got to sneak a peak at the Canadiens pre-game skate. It’s pretty cool the practice facility is open to the public to come watch! Canadians love their hockey! 🙂


Friday we were tourists! We took the city by storm and saw some of the sights. First we drove to the Olympic Stadium where the Olympic Games took place in 1976 (the first time Canada actually hosted the Olympics). I have to say, that building was a sight to see. Just HUGE!


We then dropped the car off at home, laced up our sneaks, and took Nellie for a mega walk around the city. The weather was perfect (and when I say perfect, I mean perfect in my Canada-living mind set….the Texan in me wouldn’t have minded 20 more degrees added). But whatever, I’ll take it.


We headed up to Mount Royal and eventually made it to the top to enjoy the beautiful views of Montreal. I can see this city being AMAZING in the summer! Three hours later we made our way back down through the city and finally home after picking up dinner we would enjoy later that night. 20,000+ steps on our FitBits…we were pooped. We spent the night in our comfy’s watching Jeff’s game, and proceeding to stay up way too late watching all the mindless TV shows my mama likes to record.





The rest of the weekend was rather lazy. I am going to blame it on the SNOW. Yes, I said it. Snow in April. I still can’t wrap my head around it. We did venture out to Atwater Market. Such a cute farmer’s market! I will definitely be going back to get our produce and meat from there once Jeff is home.


Easter Sunday came. We enjoyed brunch in our PJs. Attempted to watch the church service from home online, but missed the live stream. Whoops! So, we just relaxed until it was time to get ready to go to the lovely baby shower the girls here threw for me and a couple other ladies on the team who are expecting. It was so nice my mom was able to come and enjoy my first baby shower with me!



And here we are, Monday. She’s on a plane back to Texas as we speak. 😦 We had the best week…the men in our life would be happy to hear there were minimal mother-daughter blow ups at each other! 😉  Success in my book! We did a a lot and then we did a whole lot of nothing. It was perfect if you ask me. Mom visits are the best!

Can’t wait for her to come back! Muchos besos, Mama!


Lately: Part II

Well, here I go again. This time I have let a year and a half go by without contributing to what I thought was going to take off and be my “career”.

Since September 2013, A LOT has happened in the Petry household. I’ll recap the year and a half, with the hopes of catching my “readers” up (ha!) and then try to keep posting regularly to keep this thing going.

September 2013-April 2014: Another hockey season in Edmonton. Did not go so hot. Were out of playoffs by Christmas, I think. Rough go.

May 2014: Jeff went to Belarus to play for Team USA again in the World Championships. I stayed back to start the process of renovations to our house in Michigan. We only have 4 short months in the Mitten, so we had to maximize our time as best we could. That meant me forgoing cheerleader role in Belarus.


June 2014: Renovations STILL going. My thoughts were “when are these people going to get out of my house and when is this mess going to be cleaned up!?” (It was all worth it.) Nellie turned 1…terrible I still haven’t dedicated a single post to just her. What a bad puppy mama I am! 😉

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

Most importantly, Jeffrey Nicholas Petry officially graduated from Michigan State University! #proudwifey


My college GRAD!

July 2014: Our home renos were completed in the nick of time for our first big Fourth of July bash at the Petry Casa!!!! My family came up from Texas, and we had ourselves a good ole time. I have to say July 4th is top 3 on my favorite holiday list! And, July 6th Jefferson and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary!

IMG_0589 IMG_0107 IMG_0234 IMG_9908IMG_0464

IMG_0299  IMG_0319


Cruisers for our anniversary            

August 2014:  Jeff’s Cali family came to visit. We hosted our first annual wine tasting party (quite the success I must say)! Enjoyed every last bit of summer!


IMG_0915 IMG_0890

September 2014: Made a quick trip down to Texas for one of my best friends’ wedding! Jeff jetted off back to Edmonton for training camp. And, I along with my mommy dearest, and Nellie were left to complete the dreaded 30 whatever hour drive to the great white north. All is good though because shortly after we arrived in Edmonton, Mom and I treated ourselves to a weekend at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in the Canadian Rockies. Wow! What an amazing place.

Mr. and Mrs. Dinerstein

Mr. and Mrs. Dinerstein


The bride and her maids                


Lake Louise

October 2014: Hockey season began! High hopes and much anticipation were the vibes we started another Oiler season with….


November 2014: Traveled to Boston and NYC to see friends and also catch a couple of Oiler’s games. I had been to Boston before, but my 24 hours there solidified how much I love that city! And NYC, that was just a blast going with a bunch of my highschool friends and college roommate to Madison Square Garden to cheer on Jeff and the Oilers.


Mrs. Krug and Me



And somehow we ended up on the ice at MSG

December 2014: Covert trip to Cali to pick up a Christmas gift for Jeff. (That was my excuse to escape to my favorite place.) Two days before Christmas found out the best surprise EVER…more on that later!


Covert calls for disguises while shopping 😉


The special gift for Mr. P

January 2015: Last minute decision to go to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl! My alma mater vs. the rest of my family’s alma mater….I couldn’t miss it! Sparty on! Right, Blake!?


Michigan State vs. Baylor


All Star break came around, and Jeff and I decided to go to Vegas for the break! I was a little hesitant on the decision, but Vegas can be for everyone….you make it what you want! Regardless, it was a much needed break.



February 2015: Pretty uneventful month…just enjoyed Edmonton because I kind of had anticipated it being our last month there with the trade deadline looming March 2nd.

March 2015: Jeff was traded to the Montreal Canadiens at 6:45am the morning of March 2nd. And from that moment on, my life as been a little bit nuts! All good, just lots going on with him being on a flight 3 hours later, me packing up our house in Edmonton, figuring out the logistics of everything, and getting settled/ learning how to city live with our 78lbs four legged child. Birthday month (yes, I generally like to let all my loved ones know we celebrate my birthday all March long) has been quite eventful so far!



So, here we are living in a lovely apartment in Old Montreal for the next couple of months. I would say an experience to remember! Things happen so fast and change can take time to get used to, but I think I can speak for Jeff and I that we are both excited about this experience and being part of the Montreal Canadiens organization! And playoff hockey….I don’t even know what to expect, but I can sure say I am excited for it!

Go Habs Go!