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Friday Favorites: App Edition

Here’s a go at some Friday Favorites. Today’s edition includes some of my favorite phone apps at the moment!

Glow Nurture

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Yes, this is a pregnancy app. But, I love it! Each day it gives me an update on what is happening with the baby or your body that day. Also, every week it tells you want size the baby is in comparison to a fruit or veggie. For example, Baby P is the size of a sweet potato right now, but Sunday will change to a mango! It’s kind of a running joke in my family now…my dad will call me and say “how is the avocado today!?” Anyways, I like this app because it’s very concise, yet informative. It also lets you add bump photos each week so you can see your progress. Another cool thing is your hubby can download it and link up with all your info and read up on the same stuff….if they want to!



My go to! I travel/ am moving all the time, so this is my go to to find anything. Best dinner restaurant, best salads, best mexican food, best dry cleaners….you name it! Just type whatever you are looking for into the search bar and use your current location or type your location in, and voila! Your top rated searches pop right up! I love “yelping” before I go on vacation to find the best restaurants to make reservations or find things to do while there! This is a must have!

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This one is more for the dudes, but I like it too! Our friend who plays for the Bruins actually told Jeff and I about this app and now we love it. Okay, so Jeff definitely uses it more than I do, but I definitely like to look at it every now and then to check in on how all our hockey friends are doing! Instead of having to go to your friends team’s page to see how they are doing in hockey and keep up with them, this app allows you to create a profile and follow all your favorites. Then everyday you have a news feed that your friends info/ stats pop up on from the night before. It’s pretty cool to have all of that info right there. Makes it super easy! You can also follow your favorite team, so it gives you those updates as well.




This app takes some of your average pictures and turns them into a beautiful watercolor painting. I have done this with a couple of photos I took right on my iPhone and can’t wait to print them out and put them up in our house. I think these would make great gifts for people!

IMG_2800 IMG_2801IMG_2791IMG_2793




Okay, this is a silly app, but it’s so entertaining. I think. Maybe I am just bored. But, you can make yourself into your own emoji to use in texts! Ha! Yeah, okay it sounds dumb, but it is really funny to use and see people’s reactions or get one from someone else to see how they made themselves look. Alright so after all the anticipation, here is my bitmoji….These are just a few examples of many emojis you can send as part as your message! Now go bitmoji yourself 🙂



Hope you enjoy these apps as much as I do! Happy Friday! 🙂