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Most exciting news of 2014.

In my previous post, I mentioned in December 2014 we got the most exciting news two days before Christmas!

Most of y’all already know, but we are having a BABY! Baby Petry will be here August 2015!

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I cannot explain how excited we are to bring a little munchkin into this world! And, I definitely cannot explain how excited the rest of the family is too! Baby P will be the first grand baby on both sides!

We told all of our family members on Christmas Day when we FaceTimed with them from Edmonton. The anticipation of telling them throughout the whole conversation was wild. I think our hearts were pounding outside our chests. It was so fun to see everyone’s reactions when we told them the news! We recorded each time we told a different family member on our phones so we have those memories forever!

Currently, I am 18 weeks along. Almost half way, which is VERY hard to believe!


This photo was from 16 weeks

I have to say how lucky I feel to not have had morning sickness! I was a little nauseous between weeks 6-8, but never got sick. I honestly think it was because I was not eating enough.  I had a big aversion to any kind of meat during this time, so I don’t think I was getting enough protein. I basically started force feeding it to myself, and I instantly felt better. The only thing I was really affected by was the tiredness that comes with the first trimester! I felt totally wiped out in the beginning. I really couldn’t wrap my head around it, but when you truly understand that your body is GROWING another human it makes total sense! No wonder I was so tired, I was growing little baby organs! It’s truly the most amazing miracle when you think about it.

So, overall I have to say other that the tiredness in the first trimester, I felt pretty normal! Thank God! And, once the second trimester hit, the only thing that really reminded me that I was pregnant was the weight I started to put on. Ok, that and my want for anything that had potatoes involved; french fries, potato chips, baked potatoes…you name it!



People ask me about my cravings all the time, and the only thing I can really respond with is that I prefer savory over sweet. Which is NUTS because I am always up for sweets! But right now, I can pass them up no big deal. For specific cravings, they honestly change every week. One week I couldn’t get enough of burgers and fries, the next I wanted pancakes for every meal, any sort of cheesy pasta sounds fabulous, and chips and salsa were a go to for a bit! So random, I know. And to throw you for another loop, during all these weeks I wanted yummy salads too! So there, I got did get some veggies!



As for the planning and prepping for Baby P, I have to admit I haven’t done much….which most of y’all who know me know that this is NOT in my personality. I am a planner and preparer. I prep for all scenarios. But, this one (oddly enough) has not been on the forefront. Shocking, I know!

I think for some people from the second they find out they are pregnant, it consumes them for the next 10 months and they begin planning and prepping for the baby to arrive. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely thinking about it a lot, but since I have felt so “normal” and good, and have been able to continue with all my regular activities, it hasn’t consumed me! That along with the fact we have had the craziest last couple of months/ just a crazy lifestyle in general, I really haven’t had the time to start planning.

Now that we are settled for a couple of months before we move again and I am starting to “feel” pregnant (just getting bigger and moving a bit slower), I am going to hit the ground running as much as I can with preparations for Baby P! I actually just started a board on Pinterest to give me ideas for the nursery, which you can see here.


I love these neutral colors and shiplap walls

An example of a not so normal instance so far would be the amount of doctors I have seen. In the life we live with Jeff’s profession, sometimes things are a little more complicated than usual. Generally, a pregnant woman would find out she is pregnant and go to the doctor she would see the entire pregnancy. I first saw the team’s family doctor in Edmonton when we first found out, then I saw an OBGYN in Edmonton. Then Jeff got traded to Montreal, so I got put in touch with the OBGYN here in Montreal and just saw him for the first time last week. And, to top it off, I will be seeing my third and final doctor (the one that will deliver the lil peanut) in Michigan once hockey season is over! Fortunately, things have gone super smoothly with all the transitions and the pregnancy has been great so far, so I can’t complain! Just keep on, keepin’ on…. and make sure I have all my charts with me at all times! 🙂


The lil peanut

As for the gender of Baby P….we decided we are going to wait and find out the gender of Baby P at birth! It will be the most amazing surprise of our lives!

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Miss Nellie can’t wait to be a big sister

Do you think Baby P will be a boy or a girl?